Bird Display Tables

Greg Brandon: Rockypoint Aviaries: breeder of mutation eastern rosellas, princess parrots, green cheek conures, major mitchells,  bush budgies, malabars, indian ringnecks,red tail black cockatoos and scarlet chested parrots.    Ph: 02 6742 2057    

David Urquhart: Breeder of Parrots. Ph: 02 67441179      

Al Schillert: Parrot & Finch Breeder. Ph: 0267424243           

Gerard Etheridge: Breeder of Finches & Parrots. Ph: 02 67423085            

Rod Byrnes: Finch Breeder. Ph: 02 67424116

AJ Byrnes: Parrot & Finch Breeder.  Ph: 02 67 424116    

Steve Lane: Breeder of Finches. Ph: 02 67423650

Tony Buxton: Gouldian Breeder. Ph: 0427425827       

Jeff Cavanough: Valley View Avairies: Breeder of  indian ringnecks, scarlet chested parrots. Ph: 02 4384 4381

Russell Jaeger: Parrot breeder. Ph:02 67421067

James Obrein: Finch Breeder Ph: 0267687034

Steve Harris: Parrot breeder. Ph: 0267461053

Ken Mclean:   Canary & Parrot breeder. Ph: 02 67432319


Bird Display Tables are for NVAC club members. To be elegible for these tables members must be fianancial, must attend at least 5 meetings per year and help on thursday,friday and saturday set up and pack away at bird sale.